Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Lot Can Happen in Five Years...

About five years ago, something happened in my life, that helped mold me into the person that I am today. Though it seemed pretty terrible at the time, it's something that I'm celebrating today.

I spent about two months of the summer of 2008 in Japan, working at English language summer camps and spending some time with families at home stays. I returned from my trip to Japan at the end of August 2008. Two days after I returned my boyfriend of a little more than 2 years broke up with me, offering little in the way of explanation. I pretty much fell apart, and ended up taking a semester off from school because I knew that I wouldn't be able to do my best work while experiencing such a constant, exhausting swirl of emotions.

I did, however, stay involved with an organization that I first came in contact with in the spring of 2008 - The Aurora Center. I served in many roles at The Aurora Center before I graduated - help line advocate, legal advocate, support group co-facilitator, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month co-coordinator - and received the Extra Mile Award for my work. I continued to be involved with TAC when I went back to the U of MN for graduate school.

I don't often toot my own horn (even though I sometimes want to), but I'm going to share with you, dear readers, the awesome things I have done since that not so great time in my life five years ago.

  1. Volunteered and interned at The Aurora Center, and received the Extra Mile Award for my efforts
  2. Earned my Bachelor's degree (in 31/2 years!)
  3. Served as a Minnesota Reading Corps member, which was one of the most fun, exhausting, and rewarding things I've ever done
  4. Joined Minnesota NOW
  5. Volunteered at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, caring for baby squirrels
  6. Lived on my own for the very first time!
  7. Won the Sharon L. Doherty award for my volunteer work on behalf of women and women's rights
  8. Served on a neighborhood association committee
  9. Started a chapter of Hollaback! in the Twin Cities
  10. Took a Chinese class
  11. Earned my Master's degree 
  12. Interned at the Institute for Women's Policy Research, an organization I mentioned in my personal statement as a place I'd like to work.
  13. Lived in Washington, DC
  14. Started a cooking blog
  15. Attended numerous trainings and conferences, and spoke at a few of them
  16. Read LOTS of books
I grew into my fabulous feminist britches, met some wonderful people, made some great friends, and did some pretty cool stuff over the last five years. Here's to the next five years!

Onward and upward,


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